Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blogging on hold

As I have done before, I am again removed from the farm for a time as I have gone traveling to work elsewhere for a temporary project. My alternate profession as an archaeologist tends to lure me away from Sonoma County on occasion, a wander lust travel bug sets in and off I go....

This is not a time to let this blog die with it's plethora of existing info. Please browse the topics covered in past season's via the keyword tabs on the right hand side of the page. There is plenty to learn about the farm and it's products and operation even if it isn't a momentary update.

Additionally, as those who remain at the farm send photos or info my way that is blog-worthy, new posts may pop up here and there.

Wish me luck as I wander the environment with an eye for historic preservation down here in north Santa Barbara studies on the side to pass on ideas and info to my favorite farmers back home (yes, I hold a strong opinion always that Tierra is one of the best in practice, diversity, availability, and more).

New topics will kick in when I return. I always do.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Farming With The Wild

Look closely and you will note the slender and graceful presence of local reptile assistance on the farm, the garter snake. This particular guy is hunting and subsisting amidst the Nothstein Dent corn (that is your yellow corn meal corn, much of which is likely to be snatched up by Rosso Pizzeria who adores it for their polenta dishes). Scenes like this are indicative of the healthy system and ecosystem alive on the farm. A living soil has worms, a healthy environment contains a diversity of organisms, nature and food production co-exist in harmony at the farm on Airport Boulevard.