Sunday, January 17, 2010

My return, local honey, spinach

I returned to the Tierra team this last can find me in the farm stand in Evie's place for the time being. Of all people, I think she has earned herself a little break from her daily grind and her body has requested a winter respite. It is hard to step away because in many situations like this we are bound by community and I am sure Evie misses each of her special customers and friends as they come and go with their weekly goodies.

Weekly....we are on to winter scheduling now, open only Fri 11-5:30 and Sat 10-4. Why not every day this time of year? Many reasons, primarily there is just not the extreme demand for winter roots and greens as there is for sweet and juicy strawberries of spring and summer. Plus, things grow a bit slower with less heat and sun in the world this time of year. That said, you must come for some of this spinach! The leaves are large, sweet and savoy (crinkly leaves). The entire plant is harvested so you get a rosette of a spinach plant, by far a good enough reason to drop in at least once a week for fresh greens. I sure love the stuff.

Additionally, there are plenty more winter treats to be found in the farm stand amidst the depths of winter. The list goes on an on and I won't re-list them all right now as Evie maps it out in her weekly email already. Generally, come for roots, greens, beans, dried chiles, jams, hot sauces, and honey!

Yes this is honey from the field, if you have ever walked the length of the farm, approximately half way to the back you find hives staged near the fruit trees and man-made water way, giving bees all they need to survive. While the hives do not belong to Tierra, the makings of the honey certainly come from the farm satisfying those seeking local honey sources for various nutritional reasons. The honey has been minimally processed, has some beautiful crystallization, and is full of sweet flavor that originated right here on the farm. Better than strawberries? Just different. We will have it until it sells out. I got one for myself so now you all can come and snatch up the rest.

Please visit Tierra in the winter and come and see me so I can practice my number punching skills on the cash register...the farm works hard to keep you fed all the year round. Selection might not compare with what is found in the grocery isles this time of year (or, depending on your perspective, you may find WAY more diversity at Tierra), but if you took a moment to compare the quality of product I guarantee you'd be sold to shop at your local farm stand every time.

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