Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cardoon Update

Well we started harvesting the cardoon this week after all! Above is Jesus, the youngest of our field crew, harvesting away so that plenty of nice, tender cardoon hearts would be ready in time to pack the van for the market in the city. Additionally, these items are always obtainable at the farm stand, right at the farm where they are grown.

Many brave customers took on the cardoon challenge yesterday and I hope for a few more today. I personally prepared a few in my sautee pan last night and have concluded there is a little bit of bitter taste (but not bad!) and certainly an artichoke flavor, celery texture, and the strings are not bad or bothersome whatsoever. I think these stalks can be managed a variety of ways depending on the size and maturity and how you want them to end up on your plate. Gratins are the thing to do, I hear.

These got trimmed back a little more post harvest as the outer stalks were quite large a bulky to pack off to market. This is a great first of spring fresh vegetable to add to your mix right now. It is a little early for asparagus and artichokes, but cardoon, cauliflowers and large roots are still in ample supply.

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