Thursday, November 5, 2009

Alubias De Tolosa

**Disregard the "Italian" on the sign in the photo above, Evie and I have since tracked this bean to it's Spanish Basque origin...

Origin: Name meaning beans of Tolosa, this bean is highly prized in Basque Country and has been grown and sold in local markets since ancient times. Tolosa is a town and municipality to the south of San Sebastian in the Basque province of Gipuzkoa, Spain. This bean became a part of the Tierra Vegetables seed stock following a visit to the Terra Madre Slow Food International event when it was brought home by your farmers to test out in our local Sonoma County growing climate and has since been deemed a success!

Cooking: One serving suggestion according to Basque tradition includes slowly cooking in an earthenware pot with garlic and olive oil (I'm sure this could be done in a pot that is not earthenware too). This dish is then usually served with cabbage (Tierra grows fantastic cabbages!). Other ingredients often paired with these beans include spicy green peppers and pork ribs.

The beans of Tolosa are well known and the city of Tolosa holds a bean cook off each year. Enjoy experimenting with this bean in Basque tradition or by innovating something entirely New World and modern with the beautiful, shiny black bean.

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