Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tiger's Eye Bean

ORIGIN: This beautifully decorative bean is said to have originated in either Chile or Argentina. It has been given it's name due to the colors and markings that cannot be overlooked and resemble a tiger's eye.

COOKING: A smooth texture and tender skins make this bean a great ingredient for making chilis or refried beans. It has also been recommended to be used like a Pinto bean or as the foundation of a cassoulet. The physical character of this bean make it worth experimenting with all around to show it off in your favorite bean recipes. It is new to the Tierra collection and we look forward to hearing your serving suggestions so they may be passed on to others looking for great ideas.

One final suggestion is to fill a glass jar full and put it on display for all to admire...be sure to have a few prepared for eating too though, your admirers will wonder how the admirable legume tastes too. This bean will make a perfect addition to the menu during the holidays or during the depths of the winter months wen you are seeking some color and diversity.

Get ready to enjoy all kinds of beans, vintage 2009 is on it's way!

**I know a photo might be nice here, but why not come in to the farm stand or the Ferry Plaza market and find out what it looks like on your own. It could be a bit early to find them yet, but soon.

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