Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Employee Feature: Natalia and the Chore of Cleaning Beans

Bean cleaning is not difficult, but it does take endurance. It can wear on your shoulders, your eyes, your mind, your behind-it depends on how you handle the time and what ergonomic position you chose to sort through beans for hours on end. Luckily, coincidentally, or due to some serendipity Tierra Vegetables stumbled upon the ideal figure to dependably and diligently keep the bean cleaning happening through the winter months. Supplies have never run short for market and diversity has been at it's peak all winter, big thanks to Natalia's willingness to work hard at this project...
This really was the perfect match and the perfect chore for Natalia. Just as the need for bean cleaning emerged in the early winter months, Natalia found herself on crutches following an achilles tendon injury that took place when she was out riding her bicycle with her daughter. Additionally, her regular work as tamale preparation assistant with our kitchen comrade Mateo Granados came to a seasonal hault along with winter market season. Even with this set of undesirable circumstances, she found herself faced with tons of work that required no use of her injured limbs.

In the future this work may become a mechanical job since cleaning equipment does exist. Tierra Vegetables is currently scheming the possibility of investing cooperatively with other other bean growing farms, like Eatwell out of Dixon, to make this sort of purchase affordable and sensible for the needs of all bean growers and the inevitable need to process them. For now though, a great thanks to Natalia for her reliability and ability to remove all those tiny undesirable pieces from all our beans this season.

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