Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In the Greenhouse-Status Report

This week we continue to seed lettuce and other things that need succession planting to keep a continual supply available. It is also time to transplant tomatoes!! The chiles are alive and well, basil is fragrant, lettuce is large and leafy.

The earliest tomatoes are large enough to go outdoors, unfortunately, is just isn't warm enough yet!

The next wave of tomatoes are just the right size to be potted up for their next stage of growth.

Basil looks and smells so good. There will be plenty before long, but for now it remains an early season delicacy. A number of basil plants have been seeded to add as a component to the spring CSA. Hopefully CSA members will receive a Tierra-grown basil plant in weeks to come.

Baby chile plants everywhere!

The first of the summer squash.

A beautiful Lewisia that Lee keeps around for color and inspiration, obtained from our comrade, Dan, of Flatland Flower Farm of West Sonoma County and vendor at the Ferry Plaza Market.


  1. Hi Erica,
    Nice photos! It looks like we're behind (both with our blog and our seedlings)... hope to see you around soon.
    -Emmett & Lynda

  2. Hi Emmett and Lynda!!

    Glad you found me here. I have to get back into the writing, I stepped out for a couple of weeks to do some other work. I'll catch up with more good photos soon though!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon too, E