Thursday, March 12, 2009

Seasonal Product: Tres Perros Dried Hot Chile Mix

Tres Perros (also known as a 3 Dog Night) is a night that is so cold that one must sleep in the company of three dogs in order to stay warm. It is also an Eskimo saying and belief for surviving a very cold night.

This mix of hot chiles has obtained this title due to its ability to have the same effect-to keep you warm at night. All kitchens ought to have a bag of out Tres Perros chiles around as a staple-just in case you need anything warmed up and because-like dogs and other pets-spicy foods warm you up and make you happy.

A blend of some of the hottest chiles grown at Tierra Vegetables, Tres Perros includes…
•Fogo-a long and thin, golden European chile
•Cayenne-long and thin red Cayenne and golden yellow
•Aji-Peruvian in origin with a distinctive fruity flavor, our Aji selection may include Panca (black), Amarillo (yellow) and Rojo (red).
•Costeno-a small red or yellow Oaxacan chile

***It is a known medical fact that eating spicy foods makes you happy!

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