Sunday, April 25, 2010

Harvest morning spring field tour

Head lettuce transplants....things are getting set in the ground one after another right now as it is likely frost has passed and beds have finally dried out enough to access much of the farm. Here are upcoming heads of lettuce, the butterheads are covered to keep off leafhopping insect pests that might eat your lettuce before we ever got to harvesting it out of the ground.

Strawberries with grit. We have had to rinse the berries a bit with the initial harvest as they had not yet been given their straw mulch and much of this rain has splashed dirt back on them....we might have prevented this by laying out a plastic mulch when planting, but Tierra simply does not appreciate having to do things like use up acres of plastic that will simply turn into garbage at the end of a season and seeks alternative methods of mulching and cultivating that are less resource intensive.

Jesus. The youngest of our field crew, but has also been with us for many years, Jesus is the go-to guy for many details around the farm. Always available and willing to respond to your needs and ours, he does an incredible job day in and out. Here he drives in your Saturday morning harvest-on time!

Swiss Chard will go to seed soon. Planted in fall it then starts to flower and set seed when too much heat kicks in. It is still harvesting beautifully for the time being and thank goodness for it when all else runs out at the end of the day in the farm stand. It's days are numbered though. Savor it while it lasts.

Here is the fall onion crop. Utah Jumbo or something similar. A big storage onion that will hopefully take us into the depths of winter. We still have to harvest and enjoy our fall planted onions before we even get close to harvesting this crop, but it is out in the field to enjoy it's season of maturity now. Go find it!

Snap peas coming along wonderfully! This will be a sweet delicacy when it finally comes to harvest...although back breaking for the harvest crew.

You may have realized the winter carrots ran out this week...a tragedy when Tierra is without carrots, but not for long. This is the current status of the upcoming spring crop and I am certain it will be presented for sales ASAP! A couple/few more weeks. Have patience, enjoy strawberries in the meantime.

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