Friday, April 30, 2010

Parching Corn

This is Supai Red Parching corn....yet another of the diverse dried corn varieties grown by your local farm. Parching corn has traditionally been prepared by being lightly toasted prior to grinding into a meal. Lee has made time for a couple of batches of this so far this winter and spring, gradually introducing this new (but really it is an old tradition) idea to folks. Read on....

Atole is a toasted corn meal based beverage that is traditionally prepared and consumed in Mexico and Central America. It is usually enjoyed hot, somewhere in the realm of hot chocolate or oatmeal. It is a hearty breakfast or comfort drink. When the corn has been toasted and sweetened and/or spiced, the beverage is then referred to as Pinole.

I have tried a couple of different brews that Lee has concocted and they are fabulous, lightly sweetened and spiced with toasty meal as the is something entirely different to do with your locally grown corn meal. Look for the Supai Red meal and smell it's toasted flavor, take some home and experiment with your own Pinole recipe.

The traditional and popular comfort, holiday, or breakfast beverage may be prepared many different ways. Spices, sweeteners, chiles and even savory additions may be used to brew up a unique recipe to suit each person's tastes.

The parching corn was harvested in the fall of 2009 and is now being parched and ground in batches as time permits around the farm.

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