Friday, April 2, 2010

More Strawberries

I signed for the Seascape strawberry delivery the other day. They came from Nor Cal nursery out of Red Bluff. 4 boxes worth seems to be enough to supply us all for the we just need the right weather to come back around so we can get them in the ground. Wayne also had to obtain some replacement parts for the transplanter which is the optimal equipment for getting the strawberries in the ground. Now that we have parts and plants, as usual, we are just waiting for the rain to subside.

The Chandler crop is already in the ground from last fall and somewhat producing (see previous post). Candlers are a June bearing crop versus the ever-bearing Seascape. This is kinda like a determinant versus and indeterminant tomato. June bearing berries ripen for the most part all at once whereas the ever-bearing types ripen over a longer period and fewer at a time. The Seascapes in these boxes are the ones we will be eating in summer and fall and they will go on and on until rain and frost rob us of their sweetness some time in the late fall.

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