Thursday, May 6, 2010

Breaking ground in the children's farm field

Lee and I have been anxiously waiting for the tractor to find time to move on over to the triangular portion of the farm that sits east of the farm stand and adjacent compost piles. Covered in huge weeds until this last week, we have hoped this would be the site of a children-themed and interactive plot on the farm. We finally broke ground out there last Tuesday and are on our way....stay tuned for upcoming ideas and activities and please share if you have any input on what would be fun and important for you and your family to learn and enjoy about growing food. So far we have brainstormed crop rows with plant family or type themes including roots (carrots, potato, radish), salad, grain, nightshade (fruiting tomato or pepper type plants), flowers, pole bean tunnels, etc... Let's see what kind of magic we can make this season!

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