Thursday, May 20, 2010

Caltrans Digging Holes at the Farm

If you pulled up the the farm stand last Tuesday you found a parking lot full of signature orange equipment and white vehicles, indicating Cantrans had finally arrived to start work at this segment of the 101 improvement projects. Specifically, this initial portion of the project on Airport Boulevard involves digging bore holes throughout existing farm terrain and County property that will eventually turn over to the state for the construction of a new and huge freeway onramp. What are they doing here exactly? I'm not privy to internal planning or direct discussion, but I think I understand that the project engineer is collecting stratigraphic soil samples in
these locations where they hope to install footings for the grand new freeway portal that will be erected sometime in the next 2 years. They are a great crew of guys, accomplishing approximately 1 bore hole per day with plenty of equipment hold ups. There is a lovely biologist named Jane keeping a close watch on any tiger salamander issues and like environmental topics.

Farm impacts? There will be plenty of them. Previously mentioned we will lose the farm stand and parking lots as they are today. Airport Blvd will be five lanes in the future, there will be stop lights at Fulton and at the 101 ramp, portions of the land the farm is now operating on will be taken by the state. It is hoped, but unknown if and how the land will be compensated. We can only hope and be optimistic that it is opportunity to change and improve as we adapt and exist as a green belt in a busy location of a crowded community. Please do not let construction activity deter your attendance to the farm stand as this project evolves and continues. All of us will play a part in keeping the farm strong as change is thrust upon us. Come and take a look at this evovles, get out of your car and shake your fist like little strawberry lover, Finn, did last Tuesday or watch in quiet observation. I'll try to answer your questions as I find answers to details.

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