Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sweet and Spicy

What a pleasure to have sweet peas to snip first thing upon arriving to work at the farm stand each day. Lee made a timely sowing of sweet peas seeds last fall and now the incredible long stemmed variety is flowering full blast, enough to keep me busily chasing blossoms throughout a day. This is not the first farm job where I have arrived early to work in order to be sure the sweet peas make it out of the field and are available to those who love the sweet scented and often nostalgic little pea flower. These are the kinds of details in life that bring me joy whether or not appreciated by others.

Well paired with the vibrant hot sauces in the farm stand, the image above is a great representation of the sweet and spice that can be obtained at Tierra this moment in the season. Come get some sweet peas for yourself or a loved one until I run out of time to keep cutting them each morning. The work only snowballs around the farm from this point on.