Friday, July 17, 2009



The name Habanero means from Havana, referring to Havana, Cuba where it may have originated. Noted to be 50-100 times hotter than a Jalapeno and is one of the hottest chiles to be found. Be careful when handling this intensely hot chile.

Other Names: Habaneros are closely related to and are often called Scotch Bonnet and Jamaican Hot chiles.

Uses: Complimenting the intense heat of these chiles is a distinct tropical fruit flavor that mixes wonderfully with tomatoes and fruit. The riper the chile the sweeter the fruity flavor will become. Habaneros are used for salsas, chutneys and marinades, and “jerk” recipes and are increasingly popular as a bottled hot sauce. Preserve some for later by freezing whole pods or drying them for later use.

Heat: Extremely Hot. Hababneros are members of the chinense species and contain some of the highest levels of capsaicin.

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