Friday, July 3, 2009

Sweet Red Onions in Season!

These onions are perfect. They look perfect with a deep red/purple color and a round and somewhat flattened shape. They are called Red Burger and are similar to a Stockton Red onion, simply a variation upon the locally bred and popular Stockton variety. I guess the name Burger refers to the "burger" shape of the bulb, less round and more squat or flattened. Perfect to slice and lay upon the grill next to a slab of meat or all on it's own. Or with a small smattering of summer squash to accompany it as it is also now in abundance this time in the season.

Tierra Vegetables saved the seeds from these red onions last season, replanted last fall, and has a fantastic crop of them as a result this season. I even planted some of the seeds in my own garden and am enjoying my own Red Burger harvest right now.

While the majority of these onions will be sold for fresh use throughout the next months, a good supply of the will go toward processing too. Smoked, dried onions are a staple item in the Tierra inventory. These sweet red onions will make a great new crop for this product.

While you wait for the red, ripe tomatoes to present themselves, consider featuring onions in your dishes for a change. Before all of the other veggies are set aside for the tomato abundance of 2009, it is great opportunity to recognize what is available this time in the season.

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