Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Planting Above Ground Leafy Annuals and Flowers

Here are those same plants that were moving their way out of the greenhouse yesterday. They never made it in the ground on Tuesday due to the distractions of other work that needed to be done (operating the farm stand and CSA for one) and because the planting beds are still being prepped. Hopefully today, they are ready to go!

This is a nice overview of the southwest portion of the farm here, this is the area closest to the farm stand when you pull into the parking area. Behind the boxes full of plants that are itching to find their new homes in the field are rows of basil, behind them a couple of rows of tomatoes, behind the tomatoes and hidden from view in this shot is a mix of flowers/herbs/specialty products, then an area that needs planting represented by the bare patch and beyond this dry beans of all sorts that will fill the bean pots for sales throughout the winter. There is much more beyond this and plenty to see if you have not yet made the trek about the field. If you are in a hurry, bring a bicycle, I saw a couple take a quick field tour on wheels yesterday and thought it was a brilliant idea.

Now looking towards the parking area, this view is from those bare rows behind the tomatoes I mentioned above. It is not so bare after Lee spent some time working on them yesterday afternoon. A couple of rows of flowers were added here yesterday. Lee is adjusting the drip tape that will provide water to the tiny seeds in the field to assist germination. A single tape will feed both of these furrows as it is moved between the two rows of flowers seeds when they are young. Once older and established the tape will be left in the center where it will reach the roots of all the plants.

Lettuce was planted again yesterday too. This is the diligence that keeps us in constant supply for salads as long as possible throughout the season. Lettuce only lasts for so long in the heat of summer, but is so nice to have as a bed for our fresh tomatoes...

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