Thursday, July 16, 2009

Specialty Product: Wonderberry

The Wonderberry is the little black fruit lying upon a small pile of Sun Gold cherry tomatoes. Just a few of the plants were added to the end of one of the "specialty harvest" rows up front and close to the farm stand where harvesting can occur quickly on demand. They just recently ripened, offering another new flavor experience for myself, having never yet experienced the unique tiny tomato-like product. I like it. Others not so much. You must give it a try! Come by and ask. Like I said it is close to the farm stand and you could likely walk out and try a few for yourself, right off the plant.

This is what they look like outside, reminiscent of a similar nightshade-family weed you may have seen, but black berries perfectly edible and containing a unique sweet flavor all their own. You won't find these little guys in the grocery store, that is for sure. Come and check them out while the season is happening.

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