Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Growing Peanuts

One must trudge all the way to the back of the field, 17 acres long, where it seems like there is nothing more to see before you have you will find a small stand of peanuts growing.

If you are interested in the growing aspects of plants and food production, this is a worthwhile trek to see a less commonly selected garden vegetable/nut/snack? As Wayne explained it upon my return from the back of the field yesterday and as my Google research confirms, the growing habit of this plant is quite unique and at an interesting time right now within that process.

The peanut plant is now flowering above ground. Very vibrant little yellow pea/legume flowers are decorating the above ground foliage....soon these flowers will disappear though. Below ground is where the fruit/nut develops. Soon these flowers will disappear beneath the soil surface to complete their next phase of reproduction. Eventually, after their long and hot season is completed, edible nuts will be pulled up from underground.

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