Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seasonal Produce: STRAWBERRIES and Striped Romas

A perfect strawberry. There are many of these right now. I highly recommend them. I know most of you already know how good these berries are, but as someone who has access to various sources of berries in my little internal farming world, I can assure you, these strawberries are the best! And right now there are lots. If you want to preserve, the time is now. Let Evie make you a deal. In my opinion, it is best to get much more than a basket. This is easily rationalized. If you have children, the basket will not make it out of the parking lot. Two baskets might make it home. If you get a small box, there could be some for now and a few for later. Just realize....the more you go away with the more each member of the family has a chance to be a strawberry glutton for the seasonal moments that this activity is available.

Now this strawberry does not look perfect....it has visible evidence of over-ripeness. This is a far superior strawberry to me. I would take it first if selecting for myself. It is the sweetest of the bunch by far and it calls to be eaten first by it's limited shelf life. I'd much rather be dealing with these considerations than a white, shippable, tasteless grocery store variety of questionable sourcing. Please enjoy this time of strawberry paradise at Tierra Vegetables. Make special trips to the farmstand for berries, Evie and I are hoping you will come and enjoy these treats along with us.

One last highlighted product. The Striped/Speckled Roma/n tomato. It goes by various names, I think our seeds were Striped Roman. Anyhow, the important thing is the look and flavor of this grand tomato. Please try at least one if you have not already. I discovered them about three years ago and was delighted by the deep red color that you find inside most every time. They are interesting to look at too so if you are entertaining-even just your family-it is something to talk about. As a grower, these tomatoes have presented blossom end rot challenges many times for me. To see such a great stand of them coming out of the Tierra fields is satisfying and something to enjoy. Maybe it is one of many signs of fertility and good practices on that farm.

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