Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inferno Hungarian Hot Wax Chile

Inferno/Hot Spot

The Inferno is a type of Hungarian Hot Wax (wax means yellow color) chile and starts off yellow to lime green and once picked turns orange and finally a rich red. Deceptively hot, this 7 inch long chili has a distinct, fruity sweet pepper taste with an after burn.

A main ingredient for our chipotle products, excess inferno chiles are grown, harvested, chopped, smoked and dried throughout the harvest season to create flavorful chipotles, chipotle powder and our popular Panonia chile jam that is made up entirely of Hungarian chiles.

Uses: It is unique and wonderful according to an addicted farm stand customer who uses it to flavor and spice up her bean dishes throughout the season and using those she has stored for the winter in her freezer.

Heat: Very Hot! Castrate (remove seeds and membrane) to make heat level more palatable.

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