Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yellow Cylindrical Beet

According to the sign it was just a mere three months ago that Wayne and I were out seeding this uncommon root vegetable. Ah how the time flies...the more I do this growing thing the time from seeding to harvest seems to fly by, kinda like human years going by faster each year. While no one, but myself, is harvesting this novelty vegetable quite yet, I think it is time. Keep your eye out for it soon, I put in a vote to bring some out of the fields.

Not only is this beet yellow, or golden, whatever color suits your perspective, but it is also long and large and cylindrical in shape. How does it differ from "regular" beets? Well, I did rip one out of the ground as soon as I saw it and took it right home and threw it in a pot to boil to edible texture. It tastes very much the same, sweet and flavorful, it boils down to a very light yellow, or off-white color, side-stepping the beet color mess. Of course I suggest you beet lovers give it a try once available in your purchasing location.

What are we waiting for? This is a root that can get huge and Lee wants it to have the time to fully mature. Giant roots and other vegetables at Tierra Vegetables are always quite impressive. Hopefully soon you will find some giant yellow beet roots and find time to mix them into your meals amongst all the grand array of summer veggies that are harvesting right now.

I did not hunt around for the largest of the bunch when I selected my trial specimen, but this one did require a good sized pot to cook. Please continue to appreciate the creativity and diversity that reigns in the background of your local farm, giving the yellow cylindrical beet (en espanol Betabel Amarillo) a try when it is available is a good way to do this.

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