Monday, March 1, 2010


I think egg season is coming on. Last week, we even had enough to display a few for sale (usually there are only enough to hide a few for customer reservations). I don't know much about keeping chickens and egg production, but I do think spring is the season of the egg. This makes some sense with the timing of Easter, all the other critters hatching out of their shells, etc...

Eggs at Tierra are precious. They come from Wayne and Evie's chickens who live just around the corner from the field and farm stand. As you may observe in Evie's creatively constructed, handwritten sign in the image above, these chickens enjoy a wonderful life therefore allowing us to ethically, nutritionally and financially value these eggs.

The shells come in mostly brown with a few greens scattered in, yolks are dark yellow, sizes vary per bird. If spring seems a meager time in the vegetable and berry world, consider some eggs to fill in the holes.

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