Saturday, March 20, 2010

The People of Tierra and who does what: Roxie

Here Roxie displays one of many products (the favorite Chipotle Powder) that she so proudly stands behind. It is the tangible result of her efforts. Primary packet-production expert, Roxie is the one who prepares the final weighing and packaging of all of those dried chile, mixes, powders, corn meal bags, etc.... A diversified and exact task, it is her job to ensure the proper quality ingredients are measured out and packaged to keep the inventory complete so that each market week a customer might find their favorite Tierra product available whether it by the HOT Chop dried chile mix, Golden Cayenne chili powder or the Hopi Pink Corn Meal (if you find pink pen labeling your pink meal you can be sure Roxie was behind it's packaging).

When employed in this market-prep packaging work, Roxie remains behind the scenes in the commercial kitchen on Shiloh Road in Windsor. But the first time I met her she was hard at work at the farm....the first one at work that day to pack the CSA. She remains flexible in this role, more or less, adapting to the farm needs. Currently she is assisting Lee in packing and organizing the once a month winter CSA box. In the past she has arrived twice a week to pack hundreds of weekly shares for Tierra customers and delivering the Piper Street boxes on her way home to Healdsburg.

Friend and long time employee of the farm (Lee and Roxie first met as vendors at a farmer's market years ago), Roxie reliably steps in to help when the farm runs short handed as the transiency of seasons and employees alter priorities. Working for herself in professional landscaping and horticulture and specializing in rose pruning, she is able to afford the flexibility.

Roxie's role in processing, packaging and facilitating distribution of Tierra's products is instrumental in making things happen around the farm. There is always so much to do around here, we all just kinda pick and choose our battles throughout a day's work. With a grand internal knowledge of the farm and it's products, Roxie makes things happen and gets things done. As a huge side benefit, she serves as mother and care-taker of us all.

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