Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Field Activity

The field crew of three was caught covering the arugula and other crops prone to flea beetles or other on-coming insect pests. Row cover is magic when used in the right circumstances. Who does it keep out? Not slugs or other mulch-loving pests. The leaf hoppers are excluded. Cucumber beetles, flea beetles, aphids. With the use of the row covers, the pest is excluded before there is ever a problem. This way we are more likely to have arugula that does not look like a fancy snowflake doily, covered in holes as a result of an insect feast.

Next the guys were off to plant the sunchokes. This happened pretty quick as these guys are well versed in working together. Pablo leads the operation on the tractor and Jesus and Jose follow along dropping the seed chokes into the soil furrows at the proper intervals. As I observe these guys plant and cultivate spring crops I imagine they must be as relieved as the rest of us that spring has arrived and the wet and cold days are falling behind.

This looks like a broccoli to me. This is the status of your spring brassicas...recently transplanted on Wednesday of last week, this is the first wave of transplants for the spring. Note the high quantities of crop residues in the soil as the cover crop was quickly turned in prior to planting. When the soil dries and the temperature rises, it is a farmer's opportunity! Many seeds and transplants made their way into the field this last week so we are on our way to a new season's harvest.

Located close to the farm stand, come and visit the newly planted beds in coming them grow and learn a few things about the food you eat.

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