Friday, March 19, 2010

Strawberries and previous week's frost effects

Good berry on left, burned berry on right.

Remember just days ago when there was a thin layer of frost covering all things in the morning....not this dry and breezy early spring heat wave we have now evolved into, tricking us into thinking strawberries are already ripe for the season. This is the current reality of the Tierra June-bearing strawberry crop. Some berries frosted the other week, some did not. There will be a lighter crop of early berries than if it has not frosted and it COULD still frost again before these make it to red and sweet status. Cross your fingers.

And one more view. Good berry on left, burned berry on right. This is how many of the plants were effected which is fascinating-why did one get hit and not another right next to it?

Otherwise, the plants look great!

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